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Meet Kelli

I was lucky enough to grow up in Colorado and enjoy these mountain views every day. I probably have hundreds of thousands of printed photos from my childhood. My parents were also constantly recording us on their very large video camera any chance they got, so I have some cute, and embarrassing, footage of my life. I have been in front of a camera since 1995, and now it’s my turn to be behind it.

Whenever I think of how heavily documented my life has been, I am always so thankful. These photos and videos mean the world to me, and now I want to provide that feeling for you!

Your wedding is one of the most important milestones in your life, so you need to find a photographer that you get along with and that you are confident in. You will be able to enjoy every bit of your wedding when you find a photographer that will capture all of those moments that you might miss. That’s where I come in! Everything about your wedding day should strengthen the trust and beautiful connection between you and your partner. I want to illustrate your life together with the intention of diving deeper into what you love about each other. Every bit of your life deserves to be celebrated and documented.